RTA holds training workshops to boost excellence culture between employees


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently held a number of training workshops in the context of endeavours to diffuse the culture of excellence between employees on the one hand, and educating them on the standards & categories of the excellence program on the other.

Ms. Shaikha Al Jarman, Director of Development & Corporate Excellence, RTA Strategy & Corporate Governance Sector, said: “The contents of the training workshops covered three main aspects; the first comprised 11 workshops focused on corporate excellence, namely: the electronically distinguished entity, and the financially distinguished entity, as well as the leadership standard, strategy standard, human resources standard, partnership, social responsibility & resources standard, operations & services standard, customer results standard, results of partnership & social responsibility standard, key performance results standard, and the creativity team. This bundle of workshop has been held twice this year.

“The other aspect comprised 12 lectures about excellence in customers service; which covered all customers service centers subject to assessment by the Executive Council of the Dubai Emirate. The third aspect comprised two workshops for all RTA employees to enlighten them about the standards of excellence,” she continued.

“The RTA has a future vision for qualifying its employees and educating them on the standards of corporate excellence and turning them into reality through concrete job deliverables. Besides that it also grooms employees to be competent enough to successfully participate in the excellence awards such as the Dubai Government Excellence Awards, through advocating positive competitiveness with the participating government units.

“The training workshops were delivered by highly competent and experienced scholars in the above-mentioned fields, particularly as the RTA is keen on boosting the culture of excellence, identifying the skills and honing the experiences of employees, and retaining them so as to add to the prosperous drive set off since inception back in 2005. More info