RTA holds workshop to boost employees innovation


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has recently held a training workshop entitled “Innovation Management” as part of its strategy to enhance the corporate innovation; which is a crucial requirement for the thriving of various business institutions, particularly under the positive competitive business environment along with the successive changes in place; a thing which prompts these institutions to explore excellence and creativity fields.

Commenting on the above, Ms. Laila Faridoon, Director of the Office of the Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the RTA, said: “The RTA’s keenness on holding these workshops is consistent with its vision and strategic plans aimed at adopting & boosting improvement initiatives driven by innovation & creativity. Moreover, the Emirate of Dubai is playing a pioneering role in adopting the best global practices; which makes it imperative for all UAE agencies & authorities to develop their work teams in order to step up their productivities through adopting innovation as a lifestyle.”

“Through holding this Workshop, the RTA is seeking to outline the effective management of the innovative environment, especially as it has a host of creative agencies that require effective management to achieve sustainability, excellence and leadership in the corporate business map. The key topics discussed in the Workshop focused on the culture, strategy and management of innovation,” continued Faridoon.

The Workshop screened to the attendants among RTA Innovation Team members, several models and applications highlighted by the administrative innovation, operational innovation, services & products innovation and the business model innovation. It also spotlighted the innovative thinking patterns, and stressed the importance of exploring ways & means of bringing in value-added to customers; which can only be achieved through reviewing their tacit requirements. This requires them to be involved in the development of service delivery through availing them the possibility to pronounce their requirements. Accordingly, the RTA can figure out innovative ideas capable of responding to those needs in a bid to achieve customers’ satisfaction. More info