RTA honors participants in construction and service projects


Source:  www.rta.ae

Yousef Al Ridha, CEO of RTA Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector, reiterated the keenness of RTA’s with its various agencies, to honor workers, who are considered the mainstay of the community and development, not to mention their efforts to realize the strategic objectives relating to developmental projects, infrastructure and services works.

He pointed out that this annual celebration stands out as a clear testament demonstrating the role of shared responsibility in promoting the principle of social solidarity among all community segments.

Yousef added, “This year’s celebration comes as part of (With You) program, which is one of the RTA’s social responsibility programs. It includes a diverse cast of events held in cooperation with the Traffic and Roads Agency, through field visits paid to workers at construction sites in roads and maintenance projects, and through direct communication with those workers to honor them for their unremitting efforts, in addition to conducting an awareness lecture targeting RTA’s workers including cleaners and security guards. The lecture was held in cooperation with Zulaikha Hospital in Dubai, and themed “Heat Stress and How to prevent it.”

The events also included subjecting workers to basic medical checkups besides offering them symbolic gifts in recognition of their role and bountiful efforts. Yousef called upon all institutions all over the UAE to cater for workers not only on this day but throughout the year. More info