RTA hosts preparation meeting for GCC Traffic Week


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) hosted a team meeting in preparation for the GCC Traffic Week, which will be held during 8th to 12th March 2015, and attended by representatives of the Ministry of Interior and Traffic Departments across the UAE.

Engineer Maitha bin Udai, CEO of RTA Traffic and Roads Agency, said: “The Agency will make every effort to bring success to the GCC Traffic Week in Dubai and the UAE as a whole.” She highlighted the importance of preparatory meetings to ensure smooth coordination of all traffic departments in the UAE as they serve the core objective of this year’s Traffic Week themed, ‘Your decision determines your fate’

“The main idea we have adopted in GCC Traffic Week this year, stems from the theme ‘Your decision determines your fate’ Therefore, we have designed a campaign named the Number Three Campaign, which focuses on three key aspects of drivers’ attitudes: The first aspect refers to international studies and the importance of staying focused while driving. It recalls that 80% of collision accidents occurred because of the lapse in concentration in the last three seconds before the accident.

The second aspect details the underlying reasons for traffic accidents that took place in Dubai during the past two years including misjudgment of road users, sudden veering off, and failure to maintain safe braking distance. The third aspect discussed motorists’ reactions when cruise controls malfunction, explaining that the ideal solution is to shift the gear lever to N position and continue applying brakes until the vehicle stops,” added Maitha.

The meeting of the Preparation Team was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Interior and coordinators of traffic departments in the UAE. Representatives of Emaar and Burj Khalifa were also in attendance to discuss the possibility of holding joint events to promote traffic safety in the UAE, and communicate messages highlighting the UAE’s attention to raising traffic awareness all over the globe.

The Traffic and Roads Agency reviewed the plan for the GCC Traffic Week highlighting key awareness activities and venues. The plan also screened media and technological channels of communicating with the target audience and entities, and coordinating with the Ministry of Interior and traffic departments in the UAE.

The Traffic & Roads Agency has completed preparations for the GCC Traffic Week and set up an educative stand in Mirdif City Centre running during the Week. The stand exhibits signs and interactive electronic devices, and distributes awareness leaflets as part of the Number Three Campaign. The event intends to educate all community members about the main reasons of traffic accidents, importance of remaining attentive while driving, and the ideal way to deal with the malfunctioning of cruise controllers.

The plan of the Traffic Department at the Traffic & Roads Agency also includes organizing events at Emarat Petrol Stations, Latifa Hospital, and schools besides displaying e-adverts through a host of entities and RTA’s social media in the context of realizing its vision of providing Safe and Smooth Transport for All. More info