RTA instills passion for reading in students


Source:  www.rta.ae

A delegation from the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), in cooperation with the Dubai Health Authority, visited Al Saada School for Basic Education where it acquainted about 50 girls with‘Read More’ initiative; which is one of the key community-oriented initiatives rolled out by the RTA with the aim of encouraging students to read more and developing positive attitudes capable of furthering students’ knowledge and information.

Ahlam Al-Feel, Director of RTA Administrative Services, said: “This visit is made in the context of RTA’s continuous endeavors to deliver a noble message underscoring the importance of reading and its role in broadening the intellectual capacities& acquiring suitable knowledge, and bringing up the current and future generations on how to cope with the current requirements& challenges. Students were also acquainted with the superb attitudes and noble connotations of the reading world. The attention of our initiatives targeting the Primary Education Stage is attributed to our firm belief that this age is the prime time for nurturing an educated generation capable of providing a tangible contribution to the community. This is particularly relevant as electronic games and their attractions have become an obsession for the youngsters and are derailing them from the path of reading; which is a commendable habit.”

Ms. Thurayya Al Tamimi, Senior Clinical Nutrition Specialist at the Dubai Health Authority, said: “Our cooperation with the RTA stems from our attention to encourage students to read our health leaflets supplied to schools regarding the proper nutritional practices, means of prevention from illnesses, and hygienic guidelines among others. Therefore, we believe such initiatives are the best vehicle to realize our objectives.” More info