RTA integrates Limo, Booking and Despatch services


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Public Transport Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), has started the integration of VIP and private limousine service into the Booking & Despatch Service where it has tentatively started linking a host of private limo companies with the Booking & Despatch service over the phone as part of RTA’s drive to deliver integrated transit services addressing all the needs of the local community in Dubai Emirate.

Dr. Yousef Mohammed Al Ali, CEO of RTA Public Transport Agency, said: “The rising demand for specialized transit services, such as limousines, has boosted the integration drive aimed sustaining the improvement of service offering, and ensuring the diversity of transit options to meet the preferences and aspirations of a wide spectrum of community members.

“During the initial phase, 90 deluxe vehicles have been linked with the Booking and Despatch Center under a specific agreement signed between the Dubai Taxi Corporation and some private firms running limo service such as (Presidential, On Call, and Royal Luxury Limousines). The Booking & Despatch Center received up to last month more than 4000 requests for this sort of vehicles,” he explained.

In the same context, Al Ali pointed out that “Limo vehicles have several features that keep them a class apart from ordinary taxi cabs, as they offer the luxury and privacy expected by VIPs.”

“The Limousine fleet, added Al Ali, features a variety of deluxe models of the latest luxurious brands boasting attractive features and eye-catching designs. They are fitted with stylish Android-operated Galaxy meters, and driven by cabbies donned in elegant black suit and hat who are expert professionals in providing such premium services.”

“Limousines can be availed via the Booking and Despatch Centre via an express service with the airport booking; which is highly accessible, specifically at peak hours, and the service is available at key spots such as the Dubai Mall, thus obviating the need to wait for ordinary taxis. The DTC assigns exceptional attention to providing customers with on-time transit services to their destinations throughout the day on board highly convenient and safe vehicles,” continued Al Ali.

“Linking Limousines with the Booking and Despatch Centre and integrating Limousine’s meters with the Dispatcher System, is a means of compiling a database linked with the booking & dispatch system, besides tracking & establishing the geographical locations of these vehicles likewise other means of transport,” elaborated Al Ali.

“As part of its endeavours to meet the needs of all customers, the RTA launched last November a distinctive black-and-white taxi fleet branded as Hala Taxi, designated solely to address the bookings made through the Booking and Despatch Centre on the same terms and provisions applicable to ordinary taxi cabs,” concluded Al Ali in. More info

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