RTA introduces a new Online Vehicle Sales service


Source:  http://www.rta.ae

The RTA Licensing Agency has introduced a new Online Vehicle Sales service for use by motor dealers and vehicle auction companies who process the private sale of used vehicles.

The new service allows a motor dealership or auction company, known as an RTA’s Trusted Agent Dealer, to log onto the RTA’s website and record the private sale of a vehicle between two clients. The RTA’s record is updated immediately. This means any traffic offences or other issues that occur after the transaction is completed are recorded against the new owner.

Ahmed Bahrozian, CEO, RTA’s Licensing Agency said: “The Online service will replace the manual paper service that is provided by motor dealers and auction companies. The RTA is making this a government managed service. The use of the RTA’s Online service will also allow Trusted Agent Dealers to provide clients with a range of other RTA services. It means some clients may not need to visit RTA after selling or buying a used vehicle.”

“Currently motor dealers determine what they charge clients for the Sales transaction service. This will continue but RTA will advertise a recommended price and clients can negotiate an appropriate fee for the transaction with the motor dealer,” Added Bahrozian.

“Placing this service Online and under the control of RTA is an investment in consumer protection. The service includes the use of Emirates ID Cards, automatic alerts to both vehicle owners and agents who conduct the transactions. This reduces the likelihood of fraud,” he explained.

The new service is piloting at present with Co-part UAE Auctions, a leading online auto auction company. The RTA expects all motor dealers to be using the Online service in 2014.

To assist clients minimize their fraud risk, the RTA will list the motor dealers who have commenced using the Online service on the RTA Internet site, once the pilot period is finished. The RTA is encouraging clients to safeguard their interests and deal with Trusted Agent motor dealers, who are listed on its Internet site. The new service will be available to other motor dealers in 2014.  More info

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