RTA invites Emirati youth, residents to participate in DY4PT initiative


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) called upon Emirati youth and residents, aged 18-30, in all emirates to participate in the “Dubai Youth for Public Transport” (DY4PT) initiative.

The initiative aims at activating the role of youth in promoting and encouraging the use of public transport through innovative, recreational, educational, promotional and awareness activities that contribute to realizing sustainability, raising the quality of life in Dubai emirate, and leveraging the reputation of the UAE youth in general and Dubai youth in particular among the world’s cities in the infrastructure and mass transit sector.

Essa Al Hashimi, Chairman of the Committee Supervising the Implementation of DY4PT Initiative and Director of Planning and Business Development at RTA’s Public Transport Agency, and one of the young Emiratis  participating actively in this initiative, said, “The participation in the DY4PT Initiative is mainly based on volunteering work and effective contribution to diffusing the culture of using public transport among all community segments by turning it into a daily habit since public transit modes have a host of benefits to users, environment and public health, in keeping with RTA’s vision of ensuring safe and smooth transport for all.”

Al Hashemi added: “This initiative supports RTA’s efforts in promoting the role of public transport in Dubai emirate, echoes & integrates with the UITP initiative that called for launching the Public Transport Youth Foundation in the last UITP conference held in Geneva in 2013, where the RTA provided the financial and moral support to this Foundation.  The official launch of the initiative will coincide with the start MENA Public Transport Congress and Exhibition, to be organized by the RTA in cooperation with UITP in April 2014.”

“The vision and mission of ‘DY4PT’ initiative have been designed in coordination with the Strategic Planning Department, RTA’s Strategy and Corporate Governance Sector, to reflect the key objectives and aspirations. The vision of the initiative is themed ‘Promoting sustainable transport culture among young generations,” whereas its mission is titled “Engaging young people in promoting the role of public transport through innovative, recreational and educational activities that contribute to realizing sustainability and raising the quality of life in Dubai emirate,” continued Al Hashemi.

“Volunteers applying for the DY4PT initiative are subjected to a number of criteria which they have to fulfill including: the age must be 18-30 years, must work with others in a team spirit, should have knowledge about the principles of volunteerism, must have self-motivation to work as volunteer, should deal with members in a respectful, smart and professional manner, must respect the privacy & classified information, should have the flexibility to adapt with the change in responsibilities, must have the qualifications, experience and skills compatible with the needs of the initiative, should pass the interview set for volunteers, must have the ability & commitment to carry out the required tasks, should respect regulations & policies of the initiative, and should obtain a certificate of good conduct from the local security bodies,” said Waleed Al Ameeri, 1st Vice Chairman of the committee supervising the DY4PT initiative, Senior Specialist, Office of RTA Chairman of the Board & Executive Director, and of the Emirati youths taking part in the delivery of this initiative.
“The Organizational Chart of the initiative will be set up of volunteers comprising the Head, Secretary, Deputy Chief and members of three teams namely: events & projects, communication & marketing, and development & innovation,” he added.

A number of tasks & objectives have been set for the initiative including: planning & implementing programs & activities of the initiative relating to supporting public transport, contributing to supporting & promoting public transport in Dubai, participating in holding conferences, workshops and events related to public transport, coordinating with universities, colleges, schools and relevant bodies to disseminate the objectives of the initiative, and attracting youth volunteers to serve the objectives of the initiative.
For registration through simple steps, please click on the following link: http://www.rta.ae/DY4PT