RTA is now a 'Superbrand'


Source:  www.zawya.com

The Roads & Transport Authority: Since established in Dubai in 2005, the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has been attaching utmost attention to branding its corporate identity across the UAE community in general and Emirate of Dubai in particular spanning all spectrums including citizens, residents, tourists, and visitors hailing from all corners of the globe.

Such a drive aims to probe this vibrant community with its diverse cultures, ethnicities, languages and different scientific & professional levels.

RTA has therefore been keen on appearing as a trusted brand underlying all successful projects and strategic initiatives rolled out in Dubai, capable of offering the optimal mobility options in Dubai. This has been very much the case as the UAE, particularly Dubai, has seen phenomenal urban growth in a record time coupled with a demographic influx triggered by the massive economic growth spanning business, finance, tourism, real estate and service sectors among others.

In recognition of RTA’s expeditious efforts to promote its corporate identity to match the scope & quality of services delivered to public transport users in Dubai, the Superbrands Organisation has awarded RTA the Superbrand status to credit its efforts & achievements and bolster its standing in the public transport industry.

The CEO of RTA’s Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector Yousef Al Rida was excited to see the RTA bag the coveted Superbrand title, considering it a forward step involving full commitment to the UAE populace, especially mass transit commuters in the Emirate. “This can be illustrated in dedication to serving the users of public transport, which include the metro, public buses, and marine transit modes as well as other related services such as the electronic services that are processed in a prompt, smooth and transparent manner,” he commented.

“The power of ‘Superbrand’ is not only attributable to the quality products, services and solutions figured out by any organization, but also to the commitment of that organization to the values, noble principles, and work ethics as well as the continuous interaction with other organizations, events and social activities. It also signals the unremitting readiness of the organization to lend immeasurable support in the context of shouldering its corporate social responsibility,” continued Al Rida. More info