RTA issues 121 offences to Metro users last February, drops 34%


Source:  www.eyeofdubai.com

RTA Rail Agency has issued 121 offences to Metro users, during February 2010, while commuting across the eleven stations of the Red Line, and the statistic reveal a 34% drop, compared to January where 183 offences issued.

100The Director of Rail Operation Dep’t at RTA Rail Agency, Ramadan Abdullah, said that that the public had become aware of the need to comply with Offences & Fines Regulations. This is best illustrated by the decline in the rate of offence committed which plunged by a 34%; which is equivalent to one-third of the total offences recorded last January. Issuance of Offence Code comes in the context of efforts to streamline the Metro use in a practical and civilized manner synonymous of its standing as the latest and the best transport mode in Dubai.

“The Agency issued 121 offences spanning 22 clauses out of the 31 clauses provided for in the Metro Fines & Offences Code. Entering or sitting in areas designated for specific categories clause topped the list with 67 offences reported, followed by using public transport means, facilities and services or entering/ existing fare zones without paying the prescribed fare clause; which attracted 13 offences. Next in the order of offences made came using the parking designated for metro commuters for more than 24 hours clause (12) offences, followed by using the parking designated for metro commuters for more than 48 hours clause (7) offences. Last in the order of offences came eating and drinking at prohibited areas (4) offences,” revealed Ramadan.

“The Rail Agency issued this Code to ensure smooth mobility on the Metro, and deter unruly individuals from attempting to cause riots, sabotage or tamper with the stations and the metro, thus maintaining the safety and cleanliness of the iconic Dubai Metro project; the latest transport addition offered by Dubai”, added Ramadan in concluding remark.