RTA issues Dubai Metro fine list


Source: XPRESS  www.xpress4me.com

Dubai : A new official offences and fines code has been cobbled together to keep riders of the Dubai Metro in legal check .

The new code was drawn up by the Rail Agency of Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) and contains 31 clauses with fines ranging from Dh100 to Dh2,000 .

“Through publishing this code, Rail Agency aims at regulating the metro conveyance and identifying the elements engaged in riots and sabotaging acts, or tampering with the stations and the metro,” said Peyman Younes Parham, RTA Director of Marketing .

“Hence the rules are meant to bolster the safety of public properties and maintain the iconic modern structures of Dubai Metro, the latest transit system in the emirate of Dubai.”

One of the top offences, he said, is a Dh2,000 for “using any security or safety system such as the emergency exits unless it is essential to do so.”

Persons caught “damaging, sabotaging or tampering with the systems, equipment, and seats of public transport means, facilities or services” will pay a Dh500 fine .

Users of fake Nol cards will also be fined Dh500 .

Riders caught “sleeping in passenger shelters or prohibited areas” will be fined Dh300 while those who park in metro Park and Ride facilities for more than 48 hours face fines of Dh250 .

A more general Dh200 dirham fine will be levied for a long list of violations ranging from not paying to ride to using a third-party card .

The RTA will also levy Dh100 fines for lesser offences ranging from causing a disturbance to carrying pets on board the metro .