RTA Journey Planner attracts 200,000 in 6 months


By Staff  www.rta.ae

Since the Public Transport Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) launched its strategic initiative known as ‘Wojhati’ i.e. Journey Planner, the number of users has constantly been on the increase; an indicator of the paramount importance of this effective tool to public transport users in Dubai Emirate in planning for their moves to different destinations online, be it in English or Arabic language.

The initial phase of the project enabled users to identify the public transport routes, how to reach destinations, transit time, and the applicable fare. The second phase offered the service to users through mobile phones; whether via voice mode, text messages, or multimedia messages. The service is also made accessible through machines installed in the Metro stations, malls and public transport hubs in a bid to broaden the scope of the project which is considered the first of its kind in the region.

Eisa Abdul-Rahman Al Dosari, CEO of RTA Public Transport Agency, said: “The number of Wojhati users in the UAE has seen a remarkable increase during the first half of this year compared to the same period last year.” He mentioned that the number of users during the same period of 2011 clocked 110 thousand persons, but jumped to hit 200 thousand persons in the first half of 2012.”

Commenting on the system users in other countries, Al Dosari said: “The number of users of this system is also rising noticeably in other countries with 5,000 users reported in Germany during the first half of 2012 whereas it was 2,305 users in the second half of 2011. In the UK about 5,000 persons used the system in the first half of 2012 whereas the number was just 2,306 persons in the same period last year.

“Looking at the region, 4,135 persons used the system in the first half of 2012 compared to only 1,700 users during the same period last year.  In the USA the number of users clocked 3,286 users in the first half of 2012 showing a considerable increase from 1,512 users in the first half of last year.

“Through launching this strategic initiative, the Agency intended to offer a vital service to enable public transport commuters make accurate and effective prior plans for their daily travels on board public buses, marine modes and the metro, offering them smooth daily journey and on-time arrival to destinations.

“This initiative will enable users focus more on other business, and manage their time more effectively; which would undoubtedly increase their productivity, and enhance their performance, rendering their mobility on board public transport means as smooth as ever,” said Al Dosari in a closing remark.