RTA: Key Dubai Metro Route 2020 components set for mid-2018 delivery

RTA engineers visit Austria, France and Germany to review manufacturing of electric rail tracks and junctions

Key Dubai Metro Route 2020 components set for mid-2018 delivery

Key components of Dubai Metro’s Route 2020 expansion project are expected to be shipped to the UAE in the middle of 2018, it was announced on Saturday

The announcement follows a number of visits by engineers from the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to Austria, France and Germany to review the progress in the manufacturing and supply of electric rail tracks and junctions (switches) of Route 2020.

“The visit to the three countries aimed at verifying the compliance with the standards set for the components and accessories of Route 2020 Project prior to their shipment to the project site in the middle of this year,” said Abdul Reda Abu Al Hasan, executive director, Rail Planning and Projects Development Rail Agency, RTA.

RTA engineers attended tests in Austria to ensure that the rail tracks are free from internal cracks and manufacturing defects using ultrasound technology, he added.

He said an RTA delegation also visited Railtech factories in France and Germany to test the electric rail track of Route 2020, adding: “High precision tests were made to verify the conductivity of the electric rail track, the thickness of the stainless steel and its fusion in the aluminium layer.

“These tests aimed to ensure a high level of electric connectivity and economise on the consumption of electricity needed to power the rolling stock.

“Rail tracks extending 33km will be required for installation in the Route 2020 Project.”

Route 2020 extends the Dubai Metro Red Line 15km from Nakheel Harbour and Tower Station to the site of Expo 2020.

In December, all tunnel drilling works will be completed while construction work on the metro viaducts will be completed in November, with a trial run starting in February 2020.

A total of 50 new Dubai Metro carriages are being manufactured in France with 15 for Expo 2020 and 35 for the overall metro system.

New features will include a car for women and children while seats will be transversal in the Gold Class, and longitudinal in the Silver Class as well as the Women and Children car. More

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