RTA kicks-off implementation of Universal Centers Plan


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has embarked on the implementation of Universal Centers & Universal Employee plan as part of its strategic plan that aims at meeting customer requirements and offering top-class services through shifting its services to strategic locations and placing them at centers shared with other government bodies.

1“RTA Strategic Plan; which was aligned with customer needs, was based on the findings of an elaborate study compiled by the RTA focusing on the services rendered by the RTA and the beneficiaries of these services, as well as the findings of surveys that covered the most vital spots in Dubai Emirate. The services in question will be provided in future through new communication channels offering more options” said Dr. Aysha al-Busmait, Director of Customer Service Dep’t at RTA Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector.

She explained that the comprehensive plan, which would be implemented in phases, aimed at implementing the criteria of Dubai Government Excellence Program, provision of wide-ranging services under one ceiling at service centers situated at most strategic & vital locations across Dubai Emirate, and deployment of universal staff.

“The initial step envisaged under this plan is to shift the services rendered at the Customer Service Center at Al Ittihad Cooperative Society, Al Tawar, to the Unified Services Center of Dubai Municipality at Al Tawar 1 as of 25 February 2010. The new Center will offer services from 07.30 am to 07.30 pm during week days, except on Fridays and official holidays, where the services of the center will be restricted to drivers licensing only.

“RTA Customer Service Dep’t assigns special attention towards realizing RTA strategic goal of calling for customer centricity through improving and upgrading the level of services and locations of delivering the service, besides heeding to customer feedbacks and addressing their requirements. To realize this objective, the Dep’t developed plans for schemes that meet the needs & expectations of customers by making them the cornerstone in improving and upgrading the level of services rendered.

“The Dep’t is working on the implementation of corporate governance criteria in line with the policies and strategies of Dubai Government through having in place a process to ensure continual training and qualification of the employee with a view to making him or her a universal employee who is keeping pace with modern technologies in the field of customer service.

Besides seeking to provide universal service centers at strategic locations in the Emirate and the universal employee scheme, the Dep’t is working on several other schemes such as processes and governance of Customer Relation Management (CRM), standardization of systems, CRM system, re-engineering of service delivery, and classification of services at the highest international classification standards. These schemes aim at diversifying service-delivery channels, and adding a package of services to RTA Call Center & website to encourage customers use the website or Call Center instead of visiting the Centers.