RTA launch Postal Services


Source: www.rta.ae

The RTA Licensing Agency has announced a partnership with the Electronic Documents Centre (EDC), part of Emirates Post, to provide postal services to Licensing Agency clients.

Starting next month the RTA will send clients a Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice by post when their registration needs renewal. Later in 2012 Driver License Renewal Notices will be sent by post for license renewal. The RTA package will include other government and community information and paid advertising.

In early 2013 clients will have the option to have vehicle registration and driver license cards that have been renewed sent to their PO Box as either “standard” mail or as “registered” mail free of charge.

EDC will manage advertising, printing and sending the packages to client PO boxes.

Ahmed Bahrozian, CEO Licensing Agency said “We are working with EDC to develop business opportunities, such as making paid advertising available, to provide improved services to the community at no charge.”

The RTA will still continue to inform clients by email and SMS when it is time to renew a vehicle registration or a driver’s license. It will also continue to allow clients to collect products from RTA or have them delivered by courier.

RTA Dubai
RTA Dubai

The partnership with EDC provides additional no cost communication and product delivery channels to clients, said Ahmed Bahrozian.More info