RTA launches 1st Online Customers Council via twitter


    Source:  www.rta.ae

    The launch of the first RTA online Customers Council via Twitter was hugely celebrated and marked by a remarkable interaction of various spectrums and nationalities making the local community; where a large chunk of customers expressed their complaints, suggestions, feedbacks and ideas about various services in tweets exchanged with the Chairperson and Members of RTA Customers Council. The first RTA Online Customers Council was themed: (How can we excel in your service?)

    “RTA’s online customers council initiative is the first of its kind across public entities,” said Ahmed Hashim Bahrozyan, Chairperson of RTA Customers Council. “The gist of this experience is to hold interactive online sessions for Customers Council and exchange tweets with the public among beneficiaries & recipients of RTA services in an instant and effective communication platform via Twitter; which is considered, among other social networking channels, an additional tool for interacting with the public with a view to heeding to their suggestions & comments and sorting their complaints in a quick and transparent manner,” he added.

    “Through the Customers Council and other interactive channels, the RTA is always keen on communicating and responding as fast as possible with the suggestions, views, comments and complaints of the public using public transport means or benefiting from the galaxy of other services provided by the RTA in a way befitting its standing in the community of Dubai and other Emirates as a leading service-providing entity in the UAE.

    “The Online Customers Council has for two hours been engaged in tweets with 33 cases, complaints, suggestions or feedbacks focused on a number of RTA services including traffic & road services, Nol card, parking, public buses, metro, online fine collection system, call center, commercial transport activities, Salik services, and car rental services among others,” elaborated Bahrozyan.

    “In view of the success achieved by this experience and the significant interaction with various segments and nationalities of the local community, the RTA will continue holding sessions of the Online Customers Council based on a timetable to be announced via Twitter. Most of those engaged in the online tweeting experience commended the transparency & openness of the Council in handling various cases debated online. Topics relating to certain services will be offered for discussions through Twitter in the same format used in the ordinary Customers Council gatherings,” explained the Chairperson of RTA Customers Council.

    Bahrozyan hailed all those who took part in RTA Online Customers Council session held through Twitter and paid tribute to their immeasurable contribution, positive interaction and constructive views expressed in a way poised to leverage the service offering of various RTA agencies and sectors.

    The Chairperson of RTA Customers Council further added that the ordinary Customers Council of the RTA would continue to hold regular sessions in RTA’s Head Office and other venues in Dubai Emirate as per the set timeline. More info