RTA launches activities for Gulf Traffic Week


Source:  www.rta.ae

Maitha: The event includes specialist programs, events customized to suit various community segments

Awareness flashes to be transmitted to children, winners of “Your Safety in Your Distance” Contest to be honoured

The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) started yesterday its own activities for the Gulf Traffic Week which is running though from 13 – 17 March 2011.

Engineer Maitha bin Edai, CEO of RTA Traffic & Roads Agency, stated that the events program, purposely designed by the RTA for this event, comprises new thoughts addressing various targeted segments of the community transmitting awareness messages tailored to suit each category and age group.

“During the Gulf Traffic Week, we are keen to have our events run in harmony with the theme of the Week “Lets work together to reduce accidents”. Therefore we have targeted various community segments and the program includes an open house with the students of universities and colleges, and in particular the “Traffic Awareness Ambassadors” with whom we have a year-long coordination as regards events held at universities and colleges. During the Week, the Traffic & Roads Agency will honour the winners of the traffic education movie’s contest “Your Safety in Your Distance” launched by the RTA last December for the students of universities and college in Dubai about the risk of failing to leave sufficient driving distance between vehicles as the resulting traffic accidents records show high rates among the targeted category (youth).

“During this week, RTA will transmit awareness messages through Spacetoon television channel to continue 5 times a day for 5 weeks. These messages focus on the safety measures needed when riding a bicycle, the use of safety belt in vehicle, avoiding playing near buses, and stressing the importance of crossing roads from the designated passenger crossing points.

“This year’s events also target RTA employees themselves through an educative lecture delivered in RTA premises about the importance of the child’s seat in the vehicle. During the event, there will be a draw on two child seats for the attendants, and an educative leaflet, entitled “Protect Your Child from Your Vehicle” will also be distributed. Attention to child’s safety will not be restricted to RTA employees but will also include mothers at Al Wasl Hospital where an educative workshop was held yesterday about the Child Seat in the vehicle and the importance of the safety belt for the pregnant women. The event will also include the distribution of the latest edition of Child’s Safety Program and a draw on a Child Seat.

“Coordination is in hand with several strategic partners including local departments and government agencies as well as schools in Dubai to take part in the diverse events held by the Traffic Dep’t at Nadd Al Hamar School titled: “Kullunna Tawieya” during the period 14 – 16 March.

“Besides that, an awareness campaign will be held for road users focusing on pedestrian crossing targeting areas witnessing frequent run-over accidents as revealed by the traffic surveys and statistics. The campaign, which will start with the Gulf Traffic Week and last for a month, includes visiting patients injured in traffic accident admitted to Rashid Hospital in Dubai.

“The Traffic and Roads Agency started in line with Gulf Traffic Week the transmission of awareness flashes during the week through the Virtual Messaging Signs across Dubai roads exhibiting the slogan of the Week and conveying its messages. In the meantime, Salama Magazine turns five and celebrates the event with its friends on March 15th.