RTA launches Augmented Reality Contest in Gitex 2015


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched an exciting Oculus (Augmented Reality) Contest in Gitex 2015, which has attracted considerable numbers of visitors across various nationalities and spectrums of the community.

2“We intend, through this contest, to attract and sensitize the public on the pivotal the RTA played in delivering smart services to customers, over & above its vital contribution to transforming Dubai into the smartest city in the world according to the timeline set by the Government for the Emirate,” said Moaza Al Marri, Director of RTA’s Marketing & Corporate Communication.

“This technology nurtures an interactive environment based on visualizing the augmented reality and merging it into the reality. The concept fits well with the development drive witnessed by the Emirate, and is closely related to the effective contribution of RTA in this field, being the responsible authority for widening & improving the infrastructure of public transport in Dubai spanning the metro, tram, public buses, and marine transit modes. This sector is actually one of the key drivers & critical indicators of fast-developing cities & urban centers.

“Attendants can put on the oculus to watch a movie depicting the urban development seen by Dubai from the early days up to the moment. The film recaps the evolution of RTA, and various service bundles it developed in parallel with the development drive seen by the Emirate. At the end of the film, participants would take part in a raffle draw to announce a winner on each day of Gitex 2015, where winners would be awarded smart gadgets,” added Al Marri. More info