RTA launches Customers Week to boost customers’ communication


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Dubai Mall saw the launch of Customers Week staged by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) for the third time running as part of its strategy aimed at enhancing communication with customers to identify their ever-changing needs, and opening up new avenues towards realizing the third strategic goal of the RTA i.e. Peoples Happiness.

Yousef Al Redha, Executive Director of Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector, at the RTA, said: “Launching the Customers Week for the third time underlines our unwavering commitment to identify the aspirations of clients as regards our services, particularly at the background of the success of the last two editions through which we have managed to identify the wishes of our clientele and have accordingly realigned our plans towards realizing them.

“Despite the multiple and diverse communication channels in place such as RTA portal, Call Center (8009090), and customers service centers, we are keen on maintaining field communication with customers as it implies a human and civilized impact that echoes the endeavours of the RTA to raise customers satisfaction rating. Launching this edition of the Customers Week in Dubai Mall was a carefully calculated move in terms of venue and timing as we can access larger number of our clients in concurrence with the activities of the Dubai Shopping Festival where we can listen to views, suggestions and ideas of a large spectrum of community members and at the same time interact with them directly,” he continued.

Ahmed Mahboob, Director of Customers Service at the RTA, said: “The Customers Week offers a platform at the Dubai Mall through which we can promote the core services of the RTA and explain how to benefit from them. Thus it adds to the array of our communication channels such as Customers Council; an event that has shaped into one of RTA’s permanent features in establishing direct communication with customers at areas of relevance to our services.

RTA’s events lineup also include TESTAHEL which is held at RTA Auditorium to honour owners of feasible suggestions including initiators of the most important reports communicated via Madinati system which caters to all aspects undermining the gorgeous appearance of the Emirate or distorting the infrastructure of the city. Honourees of TESTAHEL event also include the best agency in customers service, the best agency in delivering e-services, the best customers service center, and the best service provider among other categories that contribute to realizing our goal of achieving Peoples Happiness.” More info