RTA launches Dalili Navigation System


Source:  www.rta.ae

The System, which will hit the market on October 15th, offers 3 years free subscription, regular update of roadmaps

The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai is braced for launching an advanced navigation system, known as Dalili; to be mounted on board vehicles with the aim of enabling road users avoid congested traffic spots and accordingly drive through short-cut roads to their intended destinations based on accurate maps displayed on the system’s screen depicting a clear route description and displaying real-time information about the congested traffic spots.

A statement to this effect was made during the press conference held yesterday at the premises of the RTA in the presence of engineer Maitha bin Udai, CEO of RTA Traffic & Roads Agency and a number of RTA senior executives and officials of various sectors in addition to representatives of the UAE media.

Explaining the features of the system, engineer Maitha bin Udai said: “Dalili system comprises a dynamic navigator fed on the city’s map and real-time information about the traffic condition; which will help users define their locations and identify the shortest routes, thanks to the real-time information provided depicting traffic conditions on the road network such that motorists can change their routes and according avoid traffic congestions. The system, which is capable of reducing congestions through rerouting vehicles to other roads, echoes RTA’s vision of Safe and Smooth Transport For All through enabling users reach their intended destinations faster i.e. distributing traffic density more evenly on roads”.

She continued: “The new system, which supports Arabic and English languages usage, enables users reach their intended destinations so easily either through tracking the roadmap, using the search function to locate the landmarks such as shopping centers, hotels, restaurants and banks, or through the Dubai City Addressing System whereby the district, street and building number are defined in order to avoid traffic congestions. The system will be offered in the market on October 15th this year through IMS Company, the sole distributor of MIO navigation systems in the Middle East, through which the system will be distributed to specialized retailers across the UAE.

“The new version of the system has many more features compared to the previous one. Traffic and Roads Agency has a keen interest on enhancing the system through upgrading the existing Intelligent Traffic Systems to enable instant reception and continual flow of information about the average speed of the 8,000 taxicabs operating in the Emirate. This would enable the system to provide yet more comprehensive and wider geographic coverage than ever contemplated before. Additionally, the new version has the feature of using a high quality UAE navigational map which is quite distinct from the previous one in terms of increased landmarks from 20,000 to more than 50,000, and the map has also additional number of desert roads and landmarks throughout the UAE such that the system will be to the benefit of those going on desert picnicking.

“Dozens of 3-D important UAE landmarks have also been added enabling users to be guided handily to their intended destinations. The maps will be updated every three months rather than every year and the new version will enable the user obtain a free subscription for three years, including regular updating of maps,” continued Maitha.

Commenting on the features that make Dalili system stand out of other navigation systems currently on offer Maitha said: “Dalili system is characterized from other dynamic navigational systems seen in the market by its real-time traffic information about congestions as opposed to the other navigational systems which lack such information. In addition, other navigational systems suffer a fundamental flaw as they compute the ideal traveling route on the basis of road length connecting two points, such as the distance between the residence and the workplace for example, although such roads may need to be avoided at certain times, for example due to a traffic accident disrupting normal flow or traffic congestion during peak hours. In Dalili’s analysis, however, the conditions of roads traffic condition is taken into account.

“RTA is constantly keeping track of new developments and technological innovations in the navigation systems industry and stands ready to keep pace with these developments and deliver them to users whenever they are available in future such as 3-D navigational systems, navigational control devices through the driver’s voice, and the addition of new and permanent features to “Dalili” system; which conforms to RTA’s efforts to enhance the traffic coverage and precision of the system.

“No Doubt that Dalili system is bound to have many advantages for users including enhanced safety levels on roads as it enables motorists identify optimal routes to their intended destinations and allows them sufficient time to turn right or left or use an exit on a bridge rather than suddenly swerving in the last moment triggering serious accidents. Moreover, in case of driver’s delay for certain traffic reasons, the new system can precisely define the vehicle arrival time at the required destination owing to the traffic information transmitted instantly. In this way, the driver can inform other parties of the accurate arrival time which is a very important advantage, particularly for businessmen. The system also reflects an important positive advantage, i.e. easing the driver’s psychological stress by informing him/her of the causes of sudden traffic congestions right away on the navigational monitor and through the information provided to him/her on the spot, thus saving both the time and cost wasted on congested roads.

Worth-mentioning that RTA is working & cooperating with strategic partners to introduce the new system; namely the Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Company (du); a key partner in communicating all information related to the new system through its radio transmission station, and IMS Company; which undertakes the marketing of the new product.