RTA launches first Arabic Journey Planner worldwide


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Public Transport Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), has recently launched the world’s first Arabic language Journey Planner (branded as Wojhati); enabling public transport users to pre-plan their daily travels as an advanced step taken in support of the Dubai’s Smart Government drive.

Adel Mohammed Shakeri, Director of Transport Systems, Public Transport Agency, said: “The RTA is proceeding with its efforts to provide every assistance to public transport users in making prior plans for their daily travels on the metro, public buses, water bus, and the water taxi. The launch of the Arabic edition of Wojhati app is viewed as in important step that would undoubtedly contribute to broadening the base of public transport users in the Emirate of Dubai, particularly those who prefer to use the Arabic language in these smart applications.

“Besides Arabizing Wojhati (Journey Planner) for the first time in the world, the App has been configured to work with Windows operating system; the first time in the Middle East, and the second time in the world, following Germany. Moreover, the app is compatible with all sorts of smart phones such as iPhone, Android and Blackberry in order to meet the needs of all smart phone users,” he continued.

“The app contains an introductory page highlighting the main features and how to use it in a way enabling the customer to work out the cost of the selected journey. The launch of the Arabized version of Wojhati is timed with the process of updating maps to include the latest locations and stops recently completed in the Emirate of Dubai,” added Shakeri.

Wojhati app, which itself is the first of its kind in the Middle East for public transport users, provides all information needed by public transport riders, be it residents or tourists in the Emirate of Dubai using various public transit means (buses, metro and marine transport) such as the journey timing, fare, guidance for arriving to the required destination, alert in case of delayed journeys, and the time taken to arrive at the selected destination. This service can be availed via a free-to-download smooth application compatible with all brands of smart phones, enabling users easy access to public transport means.


Benefits of Wojhati


1. Stops and Timetables of Nearby Mass Transit Means:

•  The app enables the user to detect and inquire about the stops and the service times of public transport means in the vicinity (buses, metro, and water transport means). The App pinpoints the current location of the user through satellite-linked technologies; making it easy for the customer to plan ahead his or her journey without having to wait for long at the station or stop.

• The app guides the user to the intended stop by providing all data in a map fitted with a compass showing the direction of the stop from the location of the customer.

2. Journey Planner

• The app encourages the use of public transport means as it enables customers to plan their journeys from a place to another in the Emirate of Dubai through providing them with real time information about the timing of public transport means and the best means of arriving to the destination using these transit means.

• Tourists have been taken into consideration at the time of developing the app, as it provides guidance of using public transport means enabling the customer to arrive at the required destination from his or her present location in case he or she has no knowledge of Dubai localities. The customer is just required to enter the intended destination to get multiple journeys options to select from the most appropriate timing and transit means.

• After selecting the journey, the app also provides detailed guidance showing the duration of the journey, steps to be taken by the customer to arrive at the required stop, and the appropriate transit means to arrive at the destination.

• Precautions have been made for the possible lack of the internet service as the app can save the selected trip schedules in the phone for using later on.

3. Map

The app provides information about the route of the journey on the map showing the stops around the customer, and the headway (service frequency) of public transport means at those stops.

4. Preferences of Public Transport Users

The App provides options tailored to meet the preferences of public transport users in terms of selecting the preferred transit means (metro, bus, marine transport), the time taken in walking, and displays the search results accordingly.

5. Alerts when the Time of the transport means approaches

The app has a feature of giving alerts when the timing of the public transport means approaches through an automated link of the timetable with the calendar and alarm system of the phone.

6. Sharing Data

Means of networking with others (WhatsApp, SMS, e-Mail) have been integrated in the app such that users can use them to communicate and share information.

7. App Design

To obtain an optimal design of an app that meets customer needs, a number of university students have been offered the opportunity to take part in designing the app in order to identify the needs of customers and new generations. More info