RTA launches m-Store service through Drivers & Vehicles App


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently launched m-Store service, an electronic purse integrated in the smart Drivers & Vehicles App, with the aim of beefing up its service offering in general and enhancing the smart services in particular.

Ahmed Hashem Bahrozyan, Head of the Team Overseeing Roadmap for Transition to Smart Government cum CEO of RTA’s Licensing Agency said: “The RTA has always been keen on broadening and improving various sorts of smart apps provided to all segments of the community in line with the Dubai Government drive and the relentless endeavors made towards transforming Dubai into the smartest city worldwide within less than three years.”

“The m-Store service offers a host of benefits such as enabling the customer to view his or her driver’s license, vehicle ownership card, and distinctive numbers; all of which are being linked with the Traffic File, thus the customer can present the same from his or her smart gadget as an official document when needed. This feature i.e. presenting m-Store as an official document would offer a massive support to the efforts of the Government in developing the best smart apps, and would effectively & explicitly contribute to transforming Dubai into the smartest city worldwide in less than three years.

The user can also share with his or her friends and associates the viewing of the m-Store through the mobile phone or smart device. This service would be extremely accessible as the user would only need to register via RTA’s portal to obtain a Username and Password in a simple and short process,” added Bahrozyan.

“The m-Store has been incorporated in the new smart Drives & Vehicles app, which enables customers’ process various drivers and vehicles-related transactions. This service has multiple benefits as it would be the fastest means of providing information, and at the same time, it is entered together with the text, numbers, images, signatures and locations via the GPS in an efficient manner. This smart app automatically synchronizes data at the background and stores it in the database such that users can access it through the app without requiring them to make any contact. Such an exercise would save time & effort in obtaining the service that might involve huge costs to companies, which rely on the service in the licensing of their vehicles. The service is also user-friendly, rendering adaptation so easy with the new service through the app provided,” he explained.

“The RTA has always been keen on adopting the latest technologies and playing a pioneer role in using smart apps. Once the official announcement was made about the initiative of transforming Dubai into a smart city, the RTA launched the Dubai Smart City program comprising three sub programs; corporate intelligence, smart mobility, and smart traffic & roads. It then set a roadmap for migration into the smart city marked by the launch of at least 200 smart services via smart phones by the end of 2015 and undertaking about 22 initiatives & projects in support of the initiative of transforming Dubai into a smart city. Through this initiative, we are seeking to make the Emirate the best smart city in roads and transportation systems worldwide. More info