RTA Launches Motorcycles Testing Service


The Licensing Agency at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) intends to launch motorcycles’ testing service next September in collaboration with some of the technical testing centers in Dubai, which contributed to the provision of special tracks for testing using the best approved global technological techniques.

Mr. Abdullah Abdul Rahman, Acting Director of Vehicles Licensing at RTA’s Licensing Agency stated that the new service would be launched in some of the approved technical testing centers in Dubai and they are: Tamam for Testing Vehicle, Al Mumayaz (Aswaq al Mezher – AlBarsha Mall), CARS for Testing Vehicles, and Quick for Registration, these centers assisted in providing the necessary requirements set by the Authority in order to achieve safety on roads, including the pursuit of inspection centers to provide special lanes concerned with motorcycles inspections only, that are in line with the international standards regarding size, as well as making available the best and most modern technologies in the field of testing at the hands of professionals who have extensive experience in driving motorcycles.

He added: This service comes in the framework of the project the Agency intends to launch in 2014 on behalf of (VIMS) (Vehicle Inspection Management System) concerned with the management of technical inspection centers which will help service providers develop concerned technical  inspection services whether for motorcycles or vehicles, and raise the level of examiners and rehabilitation and subject them to multiple stages of tests that have been developed to measure the extent of their practical and theoretical technical capability.

He said: the technical inspection service for motorcycles will meet the needs of its users, whether private or those who are part of transport and delivery companies, restaurants, or shops through directing them to places of authorized service providers in the Emirate of Dubai, which helps organize the inspection process better than before, it will bring together accuracy and professionalism by following the latest techniques, including checking the brakes, the outer structure of the bike, gaseous pollutants (exhaust) and other critical tests which gives the user a chance to drive safer on the roads, as well as to work together to reduce the environmental pollution caused by the exhaust of motorcycles. More info