RTA launches tyre safety campaign to curb road accidents


Staff repor  www.gulftoday.ae

DUBAI: The Monitoring and Enforcement Department, Licensing Agency, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), recently launched “Tyre Soundness Campaign” in conjunction with the driving institutes to step up awareness of traffic safety.

The campaign will continue through the end of this month.

Director of Monitoring and Enforcement, RTA Licensing Agency, Ahlam Al Feel, said: “The campaign is intended to uplift the traffic education of driving instructors and learners, and instill the basic concepts of risks associated with the use of old, expired or defective tires which are responsible for major traffic accidents.”

“These considerations prompted us to launch this campaign in summer to educate motorists and caution them against the risks of traffic accidents.”

“Inspectors of the department have run an inspection campaign targeting 657 vehicles of all types to give elaborate explanation to instructors at driving institutes about verifying the tyre validity and highlighting the factors resulting in tyre wear or explosion. These indicators could be over or under-inflation air pressure, overloading, excessive speed, tyre collision, storage under humid or high temperature,” Ahlam said.

“Through its strategy of making roads safer by curbing the use of defective tires, the Licensing Agency is looking forward to achieve the intended objectives of raising the traffic awareness level of both instructors and learners at the driving institutes.”

“Instructors are urged to carry out periodic check-ups of tyres mounted on their vehicles to ensure the safety of individuals and roads,” she added. More info