RTA launches unified revenues system


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), along with all affiliated agencies and sectors, is keen on delivering best services at world-class standards to corporate & individual customers assisted by the state-of-the-art technologies in various fields introduced with the aim of easing and expediting the processing of daily transactions associated with the packages of diverse services offered to the public spanning all community segments.

Among the key strategies recently launched by the RTA is the Unified Revenues System administered by RTA Dep’t of Finance in collaboration with RTA Information Technology Dep’t and a leading company in this field based in Dubai. The system has undergone several evolution stages through which the RTA has to keep pace with the scale and growth of its customer needs for availing a host of services such as the unified card, Salik card, and parking service among other services the delivery of which ensures a continuous flow of revenues.

Ahmed Al Kaabi, RTA Director of Finance, said: “This project is an integrated system functioning as an interface between revenue collection and operational systems used in the RTA. It sets the base of new and integrated accounting structures for all RTA services, and as such will meet our needs in terms of generating accurate and detailed financial reports. The System is geared with the evolution and needs of the business environment and government decisions. Besides that it enhances the flexibility of producing financial reports in a way that assists the multi-faceted studying and analyzing of information.

It also provides new control measures that help curtail potential errors in Customer Service Centers, and build databases for all RTA customers with all the required details; which contribute to conducting studies & researches to help upgrade our services. The System also offers new and advanced methods for making financial transactions with our customers; which is bound to play a vital role in raising customers satisfaction and facilitating the processing of financial transactions at various concerned bodes in the RTA.

“The new system has a variety of positive aspects including stepping up the efficiency of revenue registration through consolidating all revenues under a single financial system, enhancing the efficiency of revenue collection as a result of the availability of the required financial reports, and improving revenue-related financial and statistical reports system.

“This initiative is considered the first of its kind under the existing rivalry between the Departments and agencies of the Dubai Government towards offering the best and highly sophisticated systems for the use of customers. The System has also left a positive impact as regards the financial control of revenues, besides that it augurs well for the RTA to make further achievements at all levels.

“This project is considered an integrated system built on accounting principles that function through cutting-edge technology considered the latest in the field of information technology. The system contributed to cutting short the steps required for processing transactions; thus accelerating the processing and slashing customers waiting time at Customers Service Centers. The system has a technological potentials for linking RTA’s operational systems; which standardizes the collection method, facilitates the use & operation by users, and makes it easy to adjust & customize the system to keep pace with RTA’s current and future requirements,” added Al Kaabi.

Upon asking a host of RTA front-end employees about the benefits and advantages of the new system to them as well as RTA customers, they reported that it contributed to shortening the customer’s service time remarkably compared to the time that used to be taken under the previous technology. The frontage of the system had been tailored to enable the processing of transactions in a smooth manner using a single page while ensuring users satisfaction with the display method. Moreover, this front is simple and user-friendly and the system has the potential to offer the possibility of paying and clearing the same transaction using more than one payment method including cash, cheques and credit cards; thus offering users multiple payment options that will save their time & effort needed for processing various financial transactions. More info