RTA links Sharekni with GIS


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Public Transport Agency at Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently started a two-phase link of ‘Sharekni’ program with the Geographic Information System (GIS).

The first phase included updating all data on the GIS system and uploading more than 30 locations across Dubai emirate in the system, while the second phase featured linking ‘Sharekni’ program directly with the GIS system.

Eisa Al Hashimi, Director of Planning and Business Development at Public Transport Agency, RTA said, “This step is intended to facilitate the use of ‘Sharekni’ program for customers such as car-poolers and passengers interested in a shared use of a car to access their final destinations.”

Al Hashimi added, “Before linking ‘Sharekni’ program with the GIS system, the only option available for ‘Sharekni’ users was to select the service per destination, which required entering the name of the intended destination exactly, or car-pool other vehicle owners. But linking ‘Sharekni’ program with the GIS system has made it very easy for users to indentify the name of their final destinations or geographical locations where they want to set off and head back to Dubai since the GIS system plays an important role in helping users, especially new ones, to find other subscribers.”

“The Agency, he pointed out, has uploaded all destinations and geographic locations in Dubai emirate and other emirates in the GIS system including all government and semi-government institutions in Dubai emirate together with major corporations, hospitals and hotels, in addition to scores of major & prominent landmarks in the emirate, which rendered ‘Sharekni’ program more user-friendly and speeded up the search process,” he continued.

Sharekni program is an initiative launched by the RTA, enabling individuals to car-pool a single vehicle to and from their workplaces after registering in the service portal, whereby vehicle owners are issued electronic permits that entitle them to car-pool other passengers to access their destinations, be it in Dubai or other emirates.

“Sharekni program helps easing traffic congestion, reducing the number of vehicles at peak hours, relieving vehicle parking worries at workplaces, saving transport costs and reducing psychological & physical stress resulting from driving in traffic congestion. Sharekni’ program also has socio-environmental benefits, such as contributing to cutting environmental pollution caused by exhaust emissions from the packs of vehicles, strengthening social ties and making new friends,” he added.

“The number electronic permits issued to ‘Sharekni’ program users has reached as many as 1725 this year,” said Al Hashimi,  pointing out that “permits, which are issued free of charge, can easily be obtained  by completing a few basic steps online via the service portal www.sharekni.ae.” More info

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