RTA links with five vehicle insurers


Source:  www.rta.ae

RTA’s Licensing Agency has expanded its service delivery capacity by approving five vehicle insurers to process vehicle registration renewals for RTA clients.

12This came in a press conference held yesterday morning at auditorium of RTA’s Headquarter through which the Licensing Agency unleashed an agreement it had signed with five vehicle insurers.

Ahmed Bahrozyan Licensing Agency CEO confirmed that the Licensing Agency had approved five vehicle insurers, called Trusted Agents, to renew vehicle registration for RTA’s customers. It means when a person renews their vehicle insurance with a Trusted Agent, the client can also have the insurance staff renew their vehicle registration with RTA at the same time. A visit to RTA is not required. The five approved vehicle insurers are Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance, Fujairah Insurance, Oman Insurance, AXA Insurance and Noor Takaful Insurance.

“The insurers use the same RTA’s online service that a person would use from their home. As part of the renewal process a person chooses if they want the final vehicle registration card sent to them by courier and when. But importantly, the Trusted Agent provides the person with an Interim or temporary license to allow the person to immediately drive their vehicle,” said Bahrozyan.

“This is part of the plan to make business with the Agency easier by reducing the need to visit RTA. When people renew their vehicle insurance with one of the five insurers, they can also complete the registration renewal at the same time,” he continued.

Linking with vehicle insurers increases the number of locations that people can now visit to renew their vehicle registration. It also means through the insurers, that the Licensing Agency has a presence in all UAE emirates for people to renew a Dubai vehicle registration.