RTA meets customers of Rail Agency


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Customers Council, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), has recently held its 36th meeting with customers of RTA Rail Agency in order to screen their constructive ideas aimed at enhancing the performance and improving the business conduct in the interest of all stakeholders.

The gathering, which took place at RTA Head Office, was chaired by Mohammed Obaid Al Mulla, RTA Board Member & Chairperson of Customers Council; in the presence of Adnan Al Hammadi, CEO of Rail Agency; and Council Members: Ramadan Abdullah, Director of Rail Operation, and Ahmed Mahboob, Director of Customers Service; in addition to a host of RTA officials and external customers.

Al Mulla praised this continuous communication between customers and various agencies & sectors of the RTA as it played a crucial role in consolidating joint efforts aimed at upgrading services & processes, adding that higher achievements could be made through concerted team efforts and heeding to a diverse cast of customers ideas, suggestions and feedbacks. The Customers Council is considered a key link in communicating the voice of external customers to officials in a bid to realize their aspirations and needs and thrash out optimal solutions living up to quality & excellence standards, continued Al Mulla.

The gathering included a video presentation about the Rail Agency shedding light on the Dubai Metro project comprising the Red and Green Lines, key areas serving the two, and the Main Control Center which plays a huge role in streamlining the rail operation in a smooth and safe manner. It also touched on the rail depots where regular maintenance is being carried to the running stock. The presentation, which also covered car parks, reviewed various types of Nol cards, and the metro feeder bus service, where emphasis was placed on the need of integrating it with other transit means in operation.

The meeting casted light on future projects currently underway at the RTA aimed at improving the rail network in Dubai which include a variety of railway lines to be constructed in future. Discussions also included Al Safouh Tramway where physical construction works are well underway and the project will undoubtedly bring about a huge difference in the scope & quality of transit experience in Dubai, over and above other metro projects running through 2030 under a well-defined future strategy.

RTA officials then opened discussions with customers to probe their views & feedbacks as regards the Dubai Metro. One customer suggested broadcasting an audio announcement on board the metro carriages, particularly at Khalid bin Al Waleed and Al Ittihad Metro Stations, communicating the possibility of passengers transferring between the Red and Green Lines, in addition to setting up ground markings at the entrance & exits of the metro stations in order to streamline the entry & exit of passengers in a smooth manner.

Another customer, who praised the Dubai Metro citing the superb services provided to all spectrums of the community, made a suggestion to expand the metro network to cover vibrant & new districts in Dubai Emirate; as it would increase the ridership of this advanced transport mode, and spread the culture of using mass transit means.

RTA officials reiterated that the RTA would carry on with its policy of examining these suggestions and ideas made with the aim of uplifting the caliber of service rendered to the Dubai Metro users and expanding it to all community segments. They emphasized RTA keenness on receiving, registering, analyzing and benefiting from all suggestions and initiatives made by different entities in keeping with the Strategic Plan; which is constantly being updated and enhanced. More info