RTA meets quad bike dealers


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Monitoring & Enforcement Dep’t at the Licensing Agency of the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has recently conferred with a number of quad bikes dealers to examine the diverse registration mechanisms & technologies in place in a bid to improve the process, and raise the awareness of quad bikers as well. To this effect, a gathering was held in RTA Head Office in the presence of Nabeel Al Ali, Director of Monitoring & Enforcement Dep’t, and a host of RTA officials.

Al Ali praised the continued interaction with various public & private bodies in the UAE as it fosters the links and serves the common objectives and improves them to bring them at world-class standards. “The Licensing Agency is always endeavouring to enhance its performance through unleashing a variety of diverse initiatives & new systems geared towards responding to the needs of the public who are the backbone of our work plan,” he added.

“The strategic partnership made with quad bikes dealers in Dubai is a great opportunity for a fruitful cooperation as it plays an effective role in sending awareness tips to potential buyers before buying the bikes through distributing to them booklets to raise their awareness and knowledge about the proper driving techniques of this type of bikes. They are also offered the service of completing quad bike registration during the process of buying inside the premises of the dealer, and keeping them in direct contact with RTA Vehicles Licensing Section in matters related to obtaining distinguished plates, thus save much time & effort of all concerned parties,” continued Al Ali.

Attendees were given a detailed elaboration of the Order governing the using and licensing of quad bikes in Dubai Emirate, and introduced to the Executive Regulations streamlining the use of these bikes. Copies of the Order and Decision along with guiding leaflets were distributed to attendants who were thoroughly briefed on the process of registering bikes by RTA officials who responded to their queries, and comments made in this regard.

During the gathering, attendees made a number of comments and suggestions aimed at upgrading quad bikes activity as far as the traffic safety is concerned, which included: Submitting a joint suggestion for constructing a track for the public to practice quad biking at Al Warqaa, and running joint awareness campaigns between the RTA and quad bike dealers to explain safe driving techniques, how to use quad bikes, and the safe driving attitudes in desert terrains.

At the end of the gathering, visitors were delighted with this communication as it reflects the spirit of joint cooperation between all parties, and offers a good opportunity to exchange expertise and uplift the business process to the required standards. They also commended RTA’s expeditious efforts to embrace the best international standards in its business process. More info