RTA meets vendors, praises the solid partnerships with private sector


Source:  www.ameinfo.com

The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) stressed the importance of the existing solid relationship with the private sector covering various service & commercial fields and the need to broaden and continue with the joint cooperation and bilateral relations to ensure sustained communication in all projects offered by the RTA. These remarks were made during the regular gathering of Rail Agency vendors held at the new RTA premises at Al Garhoud.

“RTA keeps in high regards the bilateral relations between the Rail Agency and its strategic partners and values the significant role of these bonds in broadening and upgrading the services delivered by the Agency to all users of Dubai Metro in keeping with the high profile of Dubai Emirate as a regional economic hub and a point of attraction for investors and business leaders from all over the globe,” said Adnan Al Hamadi, CEO of RTA Rail Agency.

He stated that vendors should be thanked for their constant support of RTA efforts in building, developing and sorting out solutions & programs capable of boosting the public transport network in Dubai, and enhancing multi-modal integration of the vital sector through offering a number of strategic initiatives. He hoped that such initiatives would meet their objectives and add to the achievements record of Dubai Metro; which is making headway at all fronts despite the prevailing economic conditions engulfing the whole world.

“The gathering is always a good opportunity for all parties to act in a team spirit to diagnose the bottlenecks, examine difficulties encountered and the means of overcoming them, enhance the existing strategic partnership, and seek to realize the common objectives in a satisfactory manner to all stakeholders,” added Al Hamadi in a final statement.

For his part the Director of Contracts & Purchasing Saeed Al Murri said that this gathering was part of a series of gatherings held with various categories of vendors to identify their needs and requirements, adding that it falls in line with RTA policy to communicate with various customer categories.

“RTA keeps in high regard the huge role played by vendors in meeting RTA objectives in delivering projects and rendering services. These regular gatherings offer a good platform to discuss a range of issues with suppliers, heed to their views and feedbacks on RTA projects, identify their needs, and seek to address them on a timely basis,” added Al Murri.

The gathering was attended by more than 25 suppliers representing various service and commercial sectors, who hailed the relentless efforts made by the Rail Agency, and the services rendered to vendors at RTA facilities. The attendants made a number of comments and raised some procedural issues related to the interaction between the two parties such as the partnership between the RTA and the private sector, placing of tenders and other issues of common concern, besides the work mechanism under such partnerships and the means of their improvement.

The gathering was addressed by Adnan Al Hamadi, CEO of RTA Rail Agency and Saeed Al Murri, Director of Contracts & Purchasing. It was also attended from the RTA by Ramadan Abdullah Mohammed, Director of Rail Operation; Ali Abdul Qadir Mohammed, Director of Maintenance; and Mohammed Al Ruwaished, Senior Director of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment. From Contracts & Purchasing Dep’t attended Salah Naqi, Manager of Vendors Affairs Section; Muwaffaq Al Khateeb, Head of Development & Follow-up, and officials from other concerned RTA departments.