RTA mobile stand tours Dubai varsities to promote benefits of public transport


Source:  www.ameinfo.com

The committee supervising the ‘Public Transport Day’ events at Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has set up a mobile stand to tour universities and educational institutions in the Emirate of Dubai to educate students on the benefits of using mass transit means such as the Metro, public buses and water bus, which will be offered free of charge for Nol card holders on the 1st of November 2011 for a period of (24) hours, in celebration of this year’s second edition of the ‘Public Transport Day’.

RTA campaign is held as part of the campaign to promote Public Transport Day.
RTA campaign is held as part of the campaign to promote Public Transport Day.

The field visits program cover the University of Wollongong for two days (October 16 to 17), Dubai Men’s College of Technology for two days (October 18 to 19), the Canadian University for one day (20 October), the Dubai Women’s College of Technology for two days (October 23 to 24), the American University for two days (October 25 to 26), and Zayed University for one day.

Commenting on the event, Hussain Al Banna, Public Transport Day Project Manager, said, “We have prepared a mobile stand to make field visits spanning a number of varsities and educational institutions to cast more light on public transport systems used in the Emirate of Dubai and provide a detailed briefing on mass transit modes in a bid to encourage students to use and enjoy the numerous benefits that would accrue to users and save much of their effort, time and money.”

“During these visits, promotional offers for selling Nol blue cards dedicated to students are made in the presence of several CEO’s. Such discounted cards encourage and motivate students of all age groups to use the metro, public buses and the water bus in their daily travels; which will disseminate the culture of using mass transit modes among students. We have also provided one RTA double-decker bus to treat students to a short tour offering them exposure to one of the key components of mass transit network in Dubai and enjoying the advanced features of the bus, which represent one of the vital services provided by RTA to various community segments,” he added.

Attending at the visit was also Mr. Essa Abdul Rahman Al Dossari CEO Public Transport Agency who urged the students and public from all social cross-sections to get accustomed to using public transport modes. More info