RTA mulls 17 key ideas to improve Dubai transport through Govt. Innovation Lab


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads and Transport Authority’s innovation lab at Al Sufouh has recently discussed potential ideas for further improving mobility in the Emirate of Dubai.

2The session was held as part of RTA’s commitment to the initiative and directives of Dubai Government to hold innovative labs for discussing creative ideas capable of enhancing the performance and nurturing an excellent working environment in the Emirate of Dubai. The participants selected about 17 key ideas from an array of ideas received by the Lab, which will be utilized to leverage transport & related service offering of the RTA.

This was the first government innovation lab of RTA’s Strategy & Corporate Governance Sector held in the presence of Nasir Bu Shehab, Acting CEO of the Sector; and Ibrahim Al Haddad, Director of Commercial Affairs & Investment cum Director of the Lab. A bunch of researchers, professors, university students, and the representatives concerned of the competent public & private sector took part in the session. Discussions covered the global trends and key factors affecting transport such as increase in the number of population, urbanization, technological advancements, climatic changes, and cargo transport variables.

The ultimate objective of the session was to identify and screen new ideas applicable in the Emirate of Dubai, which have the potential of improving its standing in the global map as far as sustainable transport is concerned. The brainstorming sessions resulted in adopting 17 key creative ideas.

In the session, a visual presentation spotlighted the global trends and technological advancements in the field of transport, along with a video clip screened the views of some elite international experts about contemporary global transport trends.

At the start of the session, Bu Shehab welcomed attendees stating that the Lab had been in line with the Dubai Government’s drive in support of innovation, and RTA’s plan to diffuse the culture of innovation in all projects undertaken at world-class standards.

“Staging innovation labs assists in generating fine ideas through brainstorming sessions where participants can think loudly with no limits.

The lab focused on identifying & reviewing the future global trends of transport systems, as transportation has become one of the key challenges in today’s world. In its capacity as a concerned body in this regard, RTA is keen on reviewing key ideas & creative solutions, and implementing them on the ground in a way that contributes to raising the global profile of Dubai. More info