RTA mulls future of Customers Service with IBM


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Customers Service Department, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), stresses that customers do come first in the business of the RTA; which assigns paramount attention to this aspect through handling customer requests in a highly professional manner and full respect in order to process them in the shortest time possible with high accuracy and transparency such that customers feel satisfied and that they really come first i.e. to ensure that such an exercise lives up to one of the strategic goals the RTA is seeking to materialize in the interest of all spectrums of the community.

To this effect a lecture entitled: The Future of Customers Service in the RTA, was held by Customers Service Department, Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector, on the sidelines of Customers Week in collaboration with IBM; one of the strategic partners of the RTA. The event was attended by Ahmed Hassan Mahboob, Director of Customers Service; Adel Al Marzooki, Director of Parking at RTA Traffic & Roads Agency; and a host of representatives of government and semi-government entities in Dubai as well as scores of RTA employees.

Mahboob reiterated RTA’s continuous endeavours to improve the level of service offering to bring it at par with world-class standards and in line with the Dubai Government trend to offer holistic 7-star services. More attention is therefore focused on urging various community segments to use e-services in keeping with the objectives and initiatives of the Dubai Smart Government aimed at boosting the profile of the Emirate as a reputed urbanized cosmopolitan city.

“Customers service is undergoing improvements in conformity with the ongoing expansion and improvement in mass transit means along with the supporting infrastructure required to meet the broad demand for these modes and the nourishing culture of using public transport means in the Emirate of Dubai, thanks to the strategic initiatives and ambitious plans charted out by various RTA’s agencies and sectors,” added Mahboob.

The lecture, which was delivered by two specialists from the IBM and RTA’s Customers Service Dep’t, highlighted several aspects including knowing customers through identifying their needs, figuring out customers aspirations, taking the initiative of communicating with customers, furnishing customers with well-defined personalized services, and orienting services marketing towards customers.

At the end of the lecture, the Director of Customers Service, RTA Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector, expressed thanks and appreciation of IBM effective contribution in the Customers Week; which concluded last week and saw diverse activities and strong participation from the public and a plethora of government & quasi government entities as well as the business community in the Emirate. More info