RTA Nol cards feature scenes of Dubai


By WAM  www.gulfnews.com

Dubai: Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority has released Nol cards with distinguished designs for the personal blue card category.

The cards feature images of Dubai’s sites such as the Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Al Bastakiya, the Clock roundabout, the Trade Centre, and many other sites and locations. The idea behind issuing these designs is to introduce both residents and visitors to the most important features of Dubai along with its tourism sites and other scenic locations.

Mohammad Al Mudreb, the director of the unified card for transport systems at the technical establishment services sector at the RTA, said that the distinguished card is considered special as it shows the most important features of Dubai which have contributed to making it one of the first tourism destinations in the region. He added that choosing the particular location was done according to its importance, its fame inside the country and abroad, and whether it attracted overall interest due to mixing tradition with modernity.

Al Mudreb added that the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority usually distributes different Nol cards on various national and social occasions to give using users of public transport facilities the special feeling of understanding the history of Dubai. He also pointed out that these cards give a sense of enhancing the national identity and they are also practical as they can be used for the Metro, buses, and water transport, thus saving time and effort for public transport users in Dubai. More info