RTA number plate auction fetches Dhs21 million


By Staff  www.gulftoday.ae

DUBAI: The 73rd Open Distinguished Number Plates Auction held by Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has fetched Dhs21 million for it.

The organisers said the hefty amount gathered from the sale of 125 distinguished number plates was “assisted by the offer of two, three and four-digit numbers.”

“The total proceeds were Dhs21,052,000,” said the Director of Vehicle Licensing at the RTA Licensing Agency, Mohammed Abdul Karim Nimaat.

He said the “public’s earnest desire to take part in these regularly held auctions is showing no signs of abating, which is evidenced by number of attendees. There were 124 bidders of different ages and categories. The numbers K-14 and K-16 were the sale toppers and fetched Dhs1.9 million.”

“The number plate J-90 was sold for Dhs1.24m, whereas three-digit number plates were topped by K-333, which fetched Dhs700,000.

“In the four-digit plate category K-1,000 brought Dhs450,000 and K-6666 was sold for Dhs410,000.

He said that the five-digit plates also saw a huge response manifested in the number plates K-77777 and I-70000, which were exchanged for Dhs620,000 and Dhs290,000 respectively. More info