RTA offers 4, 5-digit plates in 35th online auction


Source:  www.rta.ae

In its 35th Online Auction, the Licensing Agency, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai, is offering 400 distinguished four and five-digit number plates comprising (I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P and Q) codes.

1bRegistration for the auction had started on September 29th and will continue for a week. The bidding process will start at 08:00 am on October 6th, and continue for three days.

Sultan Abdullah Al Marzouki, Director of Vehicles Licensing, RTA Licensing Agency, anticipated a wide participation in the forthcoming 35th online auction, especially as it offers a range of highly sought-after plates that customers had been waiting for since the start of this year. The event, he says, is held in response to the wishes of those customers exclusively interested in online auctions as it offers them the liberty of choosing the numbers they fancy in a hassle-free environment.

“Successes made by this sort of auctions in the past contributed to boosting the e-services listed in the annual plan of Vehicles Licensing Department aimed at improving the quality of services delivered to the public in a way that brings more happiness and satisfies their different tastes,” noted Al Marzooki.

“The participation in the Auction is possible through registration via a number of communication channels; including RTA website (www.rta.ae), or visiting any RTA Customer Service Center in Dubai to seek assistance in completing the registration process and enabling the participation in the Auction.

The participant is required to lodge a sum of AED5,000 as a security deposit before the start of the bidding either through a credit card, a cheque addressed to the RTA, or in cash. The Dep’t undertakes to refund the deposited security amounts to participants after the end of the Auction, according to the way in which the deposit was made.

“A team from RTA’s Call Center has been furnished with all information related to the auction and stands ready to respond to any public inquiries made through the toll-free number 8009090 about procedures of participation or payment,” said Al Marzouki in a concluding remark. More info