RTA offers colourful Brand Dubai number plates


By Staff  www.khaleejtimes.com

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) will offer from Monday the Brand Dubai vehicle number plates which will be optional for interested clients. The RTA will thus be the first government entity to integrate the Dubai Brand in its promotional campaign.

Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of the RTA Licensing Agency said, “The Brand Dubai vehicle number plates have an air of luxury as the brand is embossed in an innovative manner using digital printing technology and can resist the vagaries of the weather. Moreover, its colours will showcase the beauty of both the plate and the vehicle in a prominent manner and break away from the existing conventional shape of the plate. The price set for obtaining both the front and rear plates is Dh420,” said Bahrozyan.

Detailing the procedure of obtaining the plates, the CEO of Licensing Agency said: “Applications for the plate can be submitted via a host of electronic channels such as RTA website (www.rta.ae) and the smart app starting from the end of this month. More info