RTA offers distinguished plates in 28th online auction


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Licensing Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), is intending to offer through its 28th online auction, which starts on Tuesday 16th September 2014 and rolls on for three days, about 330 distinguished licensing plates including M, N, L, K, J and O codes, in order to suffice the needs of various community segments who fancy acquiring number plates through online auctions. Registration for the Auction will start next Tuesday and continue till the day of the Auction.

Mohammed Abdul Karim Nimaat, Director of Vehicle Licensing, RTA Licensing Agency, said: “The online auctions have contributed to achieving our vision and set objectives in encouraging number plates enthusiasts to participate in these auctions via tailor-made electronic channels, which significantly save their time and effort and offer a stress-free environment and time-saving process. Needless to say, electronic channels are the best means in terms of security as they ensure effective & positive competition among number plates aficionados.”

“The upcoming online auction comprises 4-digit distinguished number plates highlighted by numbers such as O-2210 & N-33321 and 5-digit plates topped by numbers such as N-33321 and N-12021 that would contribute to achieving customer satisfaction,” continued Nimaat.

“Registration in the online auction starts on Tuesday 09 September 2014 and continues for 8 days, and the auction will kick off on 16 September through RTA’s website. Alternatively, bidders can visit any customers’ service center, and seek assistance from employees in completing the registration process and participating in the auction. In addition, each participant is required to deposit AED5,000 as a refundable deposit in case no successful bid is made,” concluded the Director of Vehicle Licensing. More info