RTA opens marine transit station at Mina Rashid


Source:  www.rta.ae

Essa Abdul Rahman Al Dossari, CEO of Public Transport Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), stated that the RTA has been working through its marine transport arm to broaden and enhance the marine transit lines and integrate them with other mass transit means in the Emirate in order to create an advanced and sound public transport network and broaden the reach of marine transit network. “Such efforts could well be realized through cooperation with other entities serving marine transport in the Emirate of Dubai such as Mina Rashid in a bid to offer superb marine transit services capable of bolstering the tourist marine line.

This will usher in a new era of integrating the internal marine tourism with Mina Rashid; which annually receives during the tourist season thousands of tourists and visitors heading to Dubai from all corners of the globe to have a funny & pleasurable vacation in Dubai,” said Al Dossari.

A statement to this effect was made during the opening of the marine transit station, Marine Transport Dep’t of RTA Public Transport Agency, yesterday at Passengers Terminal, Mina Rashid in the presence of Mohammed Abdul Aziz Al Mannaie, Director of Mina Rashid,DP World, UAE Region, as well as a number of Directors and Managers of both parties and a host of media representatives in the UAE. Trips will be operated from Mina Rashid Passengers Terminal to Al Ghubaiba Station and vice versa.

“Among the key success factors of any project, however small or big, is the concerted efforts of all parties. We, in the RTA, are very keen on cooperating with other entities operating in Dubai Emirate in carrying out our initiatives in broadening and broadening the scope of our serves to marine transit users in Dubai Emirate including tourists & visitors. To run this vital service, we have deployed one Ferry (from Dubai Ferry fleet) and two boats (from the Water Bus fleet); which are among the key and advance marine transit modes in the Emirate,” said Al Dossari.

“Before opening this Station, we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with DP World where our brothers in Mina Rashid have kindly allocated Marina No (35) at Passengers Terminal to run this service, following extensive studies and concerted bilateral efforts in order to come up with the best format for getting this vital project up and running. These kind efforts paid dividends and you can now see the results on the ground epitomized in launching this station; which we hope to open up new horizons of joint cooperation with DP World in general and Mina Rashid management in particular,” added Al Dossari.

On behalf of the RTA, the CEO of Public Transport Agency paid tribute to all entities that contributed to the success of this project including DP World, management of Mina Rashid, Dubai Maritime City, Ports Police, and the Department of Tourism & Commercial Marketing, where the initiative has been carried out in conformity with the marine strategic plan of Dubai Emirate.

For his part Mohammed Al Muallem, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, DP World, UAE Region, said: “We are delighted RTA has added Mina Rashid to Dubai’s local commuter network. DP World is expanding Mina Rashid’s capacity to cater for the growing demand of cruise tourism in the region and we have upgraded and refurbished the Passenger Terminal for regional Passenger Ferry services. The new water transport station will therefore provide a welcome new service for people visiting the very heart of Dubai.” More info