RTA opens traffic diversion on both sides of Jumeirah Street


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) will open on Friday 14.08.2015 the first stage of main traffic diversions on the Jumeirah Street nearby Jumeirah Park with the aim of opening new work places to enable the completion of constructing bridges passing over the Dubai Water Canal.

1The diversion will have the same number of the existing lanes in each direction, and works will start by constructing bridges on the Jumeirah Street.

“The new traffic diversion would be opened on Friday 14 August 2015 in the direction from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. The other direction from Abu Dhabi to Dubai would be opened on Sunday 16 August 2015. The diversion would comprise the same number of the existing lanes (3 lanes) and would be fitted with all traffic safety means such as light signals, street lights, illuminated cautionary signs, and concrete barriers to separate the traffic movement in both directions at the highest standards without impacting the traffic flow in the area,” said Nazim Faisal, Director of Roads, Traffic and Roads Agency, RTA.

“In concurrence with this stage of the traffic diversion, work is currently underway in completing the construction of bridges on Al Wasl Street, the execution of the required utility works such as laying of tubes and ducts of service lines underneath the water canal on the Jumeirah Street (mainland side), besides protecting and shifting the infrastructural lines under the traffic diversion.” More info