RTA Organizes A Campaign To Clean Jumeirah Beach


    Rail Agency at Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has organized a community campaign to clean Jumeirah Beach in coordination with Dubai Municipality under the theme “Clean the World”.

    The Campaign, which was run for 4 consecutive hours from 03.00 pm to 07.00 pm, aimed at ensuring the cleanliness of Jumeirah Beach, according to Abdul Rida Abu Al Hassan, Director of Rail Planning & Development Dep’t at RTA Rail Agency. He added: “The Dep’t had already launched several & diverse events & community campaigns in coordination with Dubai Municipality, all of which aim at providing a clean and pollution-free environment, and this campaign to clean Jumeirah Beach is part of this drive.

    “Most employees of the Dep’t took part in this campaign in view of its social and national significance. It helps protect the public facilities, be it tourist, heritage or service installations. We have to embrace such an a t trend voluntarily and out of our own accord without angling for a return. By so doing, our beaches would look pretty nice and free from pollutants disfiguring the beautiful view of UAE beaches.

    “RTA is making every effort to have in place sweeping & multifaceted drive with the aim of curbing environmental pollution. It has therefore approved the concept of green buildings in all designs of metro trains and installations in recognition of the importance of green buildings, and as a contribution from the RTA towards an environment free from all pollutants across the UAE.

    “RTA work team conducts daily review & follow-up of plans and precautions taken to preserve the environment, and how to apply effective management to protect the health & safety of the public in the vicinity of RTA construction sites as well as prospective metro users. RTA has recently finalized the assessment of the environmental impact of the Red and Green Lines of Dubai Metro Project as prepared by the Contractor and endorsed by Dubai Municipality. Such a comprehensive study covers air quality, soil integrity standards, suppression of noise, curbing of dust, and managing of rubbish before and during the implementation of the project. It even extends beyond project completion and the start of the metro service.

    “RTA has taken all the required precautions during the construction process and Quality, Safety, Environment and Health Section will keep monitoring these activities and their environmental impacts in the short and long term” he concluded.