RTA Organizes a Workshop on the Role of (Dubai Model) in Improving Various Government Services


By Manal Khalid RTA

The Customers Service Department of the Roads Transport Authority (RTA) Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector organized an introductory workshop in cooperation with Dubai Model Center at the Executive Council of Dubai entitled “Dubai Model for Government Services” within the Center’s strategy which aims at qualifying government employees and evaluating the services delivered in accordance with specific methodologies and mechanisms.

The workshop was held at the RTA’s main headquarters in the presence of Mr. Yousif Al Ali, CEO of Public Transportation Agency at the RTA, Mrs. Eman Al Suwaidi Director of Dubai Model Center, in addition to a host of departments’ managers and officers from both parties.

Mr. Ahmed Mahboob, RTA Customer Service Centers Director, explained that the workshop tremendously contributes to strengthening the goals and mechanisms among the Authority’s staff in order to take part in developing services delivered to customers in conformity with the required standards, especially that Dubai Model Center contributes in upgrading the level of services at more than 24 government agencies and departments it deals with. He highly commended the role of the Center in realizing a number of achievements and success since its launch in 2010 which have been reflected on boosting the quality of services included in the Government of Dubai’s annual improvement agenda.

From her part, Dr. Wafaa Abu Sneina, adviser of the Dubai Model Center, delivered a visual presentation through which she illustrated that the Dubai Model was able and through a relatively short of time since its inception to accomplish achievements on the level of services delivered by the government agencies in Dubai mainly: achieving the highest performance percentage in the customers’ dealings which reached 190%, achieving 50% in the employee’s productivity, and 60% in the proficiency of service.

She also tackled the basic objectives of the Model in putting more focus on customers and uplifting the quality of services in addition to setting up general standards and policies related to the development of government services, evaluating and stirring e-services, evaluating and encouraging service centers.

She pointed out that the establishment of the Center came following thorough studies by the Executive Council’s General Secretariat that reflected the need to find evaluating tools for services and to concentrate on improving services at the government of Dubai to sustain growth and develop the city. More info