RTA posts Railway, infrastructure Regulations online


Source:  www.rta.ae

The CEO of Rail Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) Adnan Al Hamadi stated that all rules and details pertinent to the railway regulation in the Emirate of Dubai along with the Regulations of Railway Procedures enforced for the protection of the infrastructure within the railway right of way have been posted on RTA’s website in both Arabic and English languages such that the public can have easy access to them, save much of their time & effort.

“While acting as an integrated work team in the Agency, we have assigned due consideration to the importance of providing all relevant information and details through the website in order to better serve the public and enable them smooth access to the information required in a correct and prompt manner. The public are invited to check the website and familiarize themselves with various details involved in this aspect,” said Al Hamadi.

He added: “These rule and regulations provided online will offer a substantial help to the intended audience who need of NOCs issued from the Rail Right of Way Office, at RTA Rail Agency before embarking on the construction works of any project in order to avoid being subjected to legal actions or fines as provided for in Order (5) for 2009 regarding Railway Regulation works in Dubai Emirate as published in the local papers.”