RTA proves people come first


Source:  gulfnews.com

Roads and Transport Authority has never fallen short when it comes to providing excellent customer service and transport options for all.

Dubai Metro

With the introduction of the water taxi service, the opening of the Dubai Metro Red Line, the near completion of the Green Line, enhanced feeder bus routes and a modern and environmentally friendly fleet of buses, the RTA is a leader in service provision.

Its customers do come first. But providing service isn’t always about the best buses, the cleanest cabs, the most efficient Metro. It’s also about people.

If there was ever any doubt that customers were the top priority for the RTA and its officials, look no further than the most recent decision from the authority. Beginning in March, senior citizens and students will be able to use public transport in Dubai at half-price. New Nol cards will be introduced to facilitate the initiative. Once again, the RTA proves people come first.