RTA provides more than 100 information platforms at 76 sites across Dubai


Source:  www.rta.ae

Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has provided 112 information platforms in the shape of LCD monitors installed at 76 locations or more in the Emirate of Dubai under Phase I of its promotional campaign aiming at educating the public on projects & services rendered by various RTA agencies using the highest technology on offer.

“RTA has provided these platforms at the mostly visited sites by the public in order to make them accessible to the largest spectrum possible of community segments. These locations span service, industrial, commercial, and educational sectors as well as free zones and airports” according to Peyman Younes Parham, Director of RTA Marketing & Corporate Communication Dep’t.

“Through these information platforms RTA intends to up the community awareness of RTA services through providing the information needed on large-sized LCD monitors. The campaign includes educational services delivered by RTA affiliated agencies, projects undertaken, media campaigns, and information needed by the public during their daily travel in the Emirate of Dubai.

He added: “The platforms also provide information about the existing transit services and those planned in future together with future campaigns relating to driving laws, traffic safety, and Dubai Metro Services in addition to information related the traffic condition in the emirate, emergency cases, roads opened, and detours associated with road works”.

Statistics relating to information platforms point out that RTA has provided 22 information platforms at more than 19 RTA Customer Service Centers, 22 information platforms at 10 shopping centers, 15 information platforms at 10 auto showrooms, 19 information platforms at 10 free zones, 10 information platforms at 5 driving institutes, 7 information platforms at 5 educational institutions, and 2 information platforms at Dubai Airport.