RTA rolls out 3rd Traffic Safety Award for school and university students


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has unleashed the 3rd edition of the Traffic Safety Award targeting pupils of primary, intermediate and secondary schools in Dubai with the support of the Ministry of Education and the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, with the aim of encouraging students to contribute innovative concepts about traffic-related issues.

For this purpose it has allocated a budget of more than 90 thousand dirham for this year.

Engineer Maitha bin Uddai, CEO of RTA Traffic & Roads Agency, said: “The objective of the contest is to encourage students to think and interact with traffic issues through traffic awareness teams set up by the Agency in a number of schools across Dubai. The Agency was therefore keen on allocating extra funds for the Award in excess of 90 thousand dirham.”

“The underlying objective of these initiatives is to explore and develop creative ideas in support of the objectives of the traffic awareness drive in terms of reducing traffic accidents along with the resultant fatalities, and engaging students in identifying & updating top priorities of the Traffic Dep’t as regards the awareness-raising efforts since students are at the forefront of the social categories targeted by the traffic education programs. Through this contest we also aim at cementing the strategic partnership between the RTA, Educational Zone and Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai,” continued Maitha.

“The theme of this academic year’s (2013-20147) version of the contest revolves around developing an innovative idea of a traffic awareness campaign, or figuring out a smart solution of a traffic problem, besides the efforts made over the past period by the team nominated for the Award in staging events and traffic campaigns,” added the CEO of RTA Traffic & Roads Agency.

“Participation in this competition is open for traffic awareness teams set up at schools on a collective rather than an individual basis. Each team may consist of 6 to 8 students in addition to a team supervisor endorsed by the school management. Nomination for the Award is made through the completion of a participation form (hard, soft copy) accompanied by a visual presentation about the achievements made, and documentary evidences (images, video clips, correspondents, certificates of appreciation).

“Since last September, traffic awareness supervisors at the Agency started visits to schools where traffic awareness teams are active in order to explain the program of the contest, highlight procedures of participation, and familiarize students with the timeline set for the contest where next March has been designated for honouring winning students,” said Maitha in a final remark.

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