RTA rolls out plates featuring Dubai Landmarks


Source:  www.rta.ae

Set for debut early next year, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) will launch of distinctive vehicle plate numbers garnished with gorgeous images of Dubai landmarks spanning many of the tourist, cultural, historical, traditional, and urban attractions found in abundance in the Emirate.

Ahmed Bahrozian, CEO of RTA Licensing Agency, said: “This step is intended to offer an opportunity for vehicle owners to pronounce their interests, inclinations and aspirations through rolling out plates featuring picturesque images of Dubai icons; which will also enhance the concept of number plates. The RTA has opted to embark on this step as a means of revamping number plates in response to the interests & aspirations of customers, in a step considered the first of its kind in the region.

“The RTA is always keen on boosting the caliber of service offering to all community segments through introducing best-in-class products & solutions for the benefit of wide spectrums of the community in Dubai Emirate,” Added Bahrozian.

“Adding an image to vehicular number plates is a separate process at its own right where the selection of one of RTA-approved icons for fitting on a licensing plate rests on the client himself or herself against a special fee approved for this purpose. The RTA caters to designing and producing the plate owned by the customer on which the selected image is printed. The Licensing Agency will offer provisional images in the initial stage replicating Dubai landmarks. It remains to be said that adding an image to the vehicle plate is an optional exercise resting on the vehicle owner’s preference,” he explained.


“The initiative intends to add a visual enhancement to plates of vehicles registered in Dubai to meet the needs of a segment of customers who are fond of acquiring plates distinguishing them from other road users. Furthermore, it generates an additional source of income for the RTA besides offering a majestic touch to the quality of services offered to the public.