RTA runs 13 initiatives to foster, share knowledge culture


    Source:  www.rta.ae

    His Excellency Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), says that the RTA attaches special attention to disseminating knowledge and maximizing the benefits from the existing knowledge & expertise of the RTA, considering it a key component of upgrading the qualifications of employees, enhancing the production quality, and contributing to the Educated Institution concept.

    “The strategy of RTA Knowledge Management 2011- 2014 incorporates the provision of infrastructure fostering knowledge management, identifying knowledge needs & resources, providing the mechanisms & methodologies for benefiting from knowledge resources, and raising the knowledge awareness of RTA employees,” he noted.

    “There are more than 13 Knowledge Management initiatives run by the RTA including agreements made between the RTA and the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) for establishing Transport Center for Excellence in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) to be positioned in RTA premises, and staging a biennial congress and exhibition in Dubai for a 10-year period. This initiative is poised to make the UAE in general and Dubai Emirate in particular a public transport hub across the Middle East and North Africa.

    “Initiatives also include Serco Knowledge Transfer Program; which aims to train & qualify the staff of the Rail Agency and Public Transport Agency to run the existing projects through implementing a training program for transferring the expertise of Serco Co; which is engaged with these two agencies. They also include the Pioneering Licensing Program; which aims to educate directors on policies, rules and regulations governing the business conduct in keeping with the developments taking place in their work environment in order to impart them with the essential administrative skills that assist them in discharging the duties tasked on them efficiently and effectively, and improving the corporate communication between various organizational units. Key initiatives rolled out also include Readers Club initiative; which aims to motivate employees to read and share knowledge between them through nurturing a suitable environment that fosters competition between the RTA agencies for winning the best presentations made about a management book or success story.

    “The RTA has launched the “Specialized Experts Team” initiative to benefit from the specialized human resources, who enjoy extensive experience in various RTA fields, where 65 well-versed and competent experts, with high skill in various specializations, were selected from various RTA sectors and agencies. This team provides training, mentoring, personal coaching, and consulting programs. The RTA also launched the “Tacit Knowledge Listing” initiative for the RTA employees, which includes skills, hobbies and experiences in order to compile a database to be utilized in different RTA activities. It also ran “We Benefit from You” program, which reviews the distinguished administrative and technical experiences, be it related to employees or departments, with more focus on award-winning employees and projects of Dubai Government Excellence Program in order to share their knowledge and review their journey of excellence. Initiative also include the “Guidance Program”, which establishes a distinguished and direct professional relationship with one of RTA’s experts and trainees, in order to develop employees’ competencies and develop their skills and abilities.

    “The RTA also established a library comprising more than 10,000 books in various knowledge fields to boost the concept of knowledge sharing between all male and female employees. It also signed an agreement with the Mohammed bin Rashid to enrich RTA Library with a diverse collection of books and specialist publications in order to refine the skills and assist employees in raising their scientific and practical base as well as raising productivity and production efficiency. The RTA has also staged the Knowledge Cup contest; which is a cultural educative contest between RTA sectors and agencies aimed at educating employees in various fields through adopting an intriguing technical style for winning the first position.

    “It also launched “RTA Talents” contest, the first of its kind at government institutions level, which aims to showcase individual and collective talents of employees in various areas. The RTA has also recently launched the “RTA Scientific Research Award to identify experienced employees, and capitalize on their capacities in developing RTA’s business drive, supporting its efforts in knowledge management, and disseminating award-winning researches in international journals to broaden the benefit from them. More info