RTA runs Health Pulses campaign


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Administrative Services Department, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has recently held a campaign titled “Health Pulses,” in collaboration with the Prime Health Group. The campaign, which will run up to the end of December 2013, attracted a cohort of specialists and experts in various health fields to help promote awareness among employees to avail themselves of the medical tips and instructions on offer.

Ahlam Al-Feel, Director of RTA’s Administrative Services, said, “Conducting such initiative, which covers extensive health and awareness issues, has great significance in promoting health awareness among RTA’s male & female employees by sharing health tips which would lead to a better life, free from diseases. Therefore, we have been coordinating with some specialized health centers in the community to provide a series of lectures focusing on the prevention of diseases.”

The RTA, she added, has been keen on giving due consideration to the health of employees as evidenced by establishing two health clubs, one for male and the other for female employees. The aim being to promote the culture of practicing sport and physical activities among employees, and emphasize that sport is in the focus of everyone’s attention.

Commenting on the “Health Pulses” campaign, Al-Feel said, “In the foreseeable future, and in cooperation and coordination with various hospitals and health centers in the emirate of Dubai, the “RTA will run different awareness workshops and lectures for the benefit of employees. Recently our clinic has received visiting medical specialists in gynecology and internal medicine, along with nutrition experts. These visits saw a large turnout from employees who were keen to undergo the required medical tests,” she continued.

“Various health events were held during this month such as hosting experts in dermatology, gynecology, nutrition, and internal medicine. Moreover, a free subscription in RTA Health Club was offered to employees to encourage them to practice various sports activities. Yoga classes have also been on offer for male & female employees, who expressed their delight to have participated in such classes. Finally, questionnaires were distributed to probe the level of satisfaction with these classes and whether participants were interested to join similar future classes; given that such classes care for both physical and psychological health,” said Al-Feel in a final remark. More info