RTA runs mobile workshop to curb smoking


Source:  www.rta.ae

For the second year in a row, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has launched a mobile clinic to combat smoking and raise the health awareness of RTA employees urging them to quit smoking.

1The move stems from RTA’s keenness on maintaining employees’ health awareness in cooperation with the Ministry of Health (Preventive Medicine Department) in Dubai, General HQ of Dubai Police (General Department of Organizations Protective Security and Emergency).

Mansour Rahama Al Falasi, Director of Administrative Services at the RTA, said: “The RTA is always keen on supporting all endeavours aimed at improving the public health of its employees and their daily performance and productivity, which will accordingly make effective contribution to the development drive in place.

“The initiative was privileged by a strong participation of RTA’s employees hailing from various sectors who descended to the mobile clinic in the Head Office of the RTA at Umm Al Romool. Participants in the campaign were subjected to medical tests including blood pressure, percentage of nicotine & tar in the blood of smokers using advanced technical systems,” he said.

The Administrative Services Department distributed brochures to participants and cautioned them against the risks of smoking, offering them tips about how to quit this negative habit.

Al Falasi stressed the important role played by families, community as well as public, semi-public and private entities in this field through concerted efforts using a variety of channels out of their sense of social responsibility. Such efforts will play huge role in achieving the intended objectives of various initiatives; which will also be supported by workshops as well as awareness and promotional campaigns to encourage community members to and enhance their personal will to take the first step in quitting smoking.”

At the conclusion of the event, the Administrative Services Department thanked the Dubai Health Authority, Novartis Consumer Healthcare Services SA and the General HQ of the Dubai Police for contributing to the success of this superb initiative towards RTA employees and assisting them to quit smoking. The initiative will also be of much benefit to individuals and community members in various health, economic, social and family aspects considering the immense benefits accruing to quitters in physical, psychological and economical fields. More info